How Athletes Can Use OnlyFans

How Athletes Can Use OnlyFans

Many people see sport as one of the pinnacles of human achievement. In all its forms, whether it’s played competitively or for fun, the fulfilment of playing or watching sport is difficult to match. It’s also a hugely valuable sector, contributing £39 billion to the UK economy alone and employing over half a million people.

You don’t have to look far to see the money on offer to professional players of the NFL or Premier League, but even if you don’t play for a professional team there are ways for talented athletes to monetise their skills using only their iPhone. Whether you want to inspire people to follow your fitness journey or just showcase your talent, there are many ways athletes can use OnlyFans.

Passion into profit

For sportsmen and women of all calibres, the excitement that sport brings to their daily lives can provide a lot of satisfaction. Under closer inspection, many would find the same exhilaration and joy they experience is shared by a very wide audience. The US extreme sports industry has been calculated as being worth $6 billion, a once-fringe sector now entrenched in the mainstream. Whether you’re a skateboarder with flair and finesse or a drift racer putting it all on the line, there will plenty of potential followers interested in your career and lifestyle.

OnlyFans creator Pierre Linckenheld is a professional freeboarder and snowboarder who exhibits his talents in all sorts of amazing locations. Not only does he showcase his considerable abilities, Pierre’s aptitude for videography adds an extra dimension to the content he uploads. Photography and videography are two aspects that go hand in hand with such a visual platform. These skills also add a level of interest to any exclusive PPV content you may wish to provide to paying subscribers.

To conclude, identifying your niche and developing into related areas is a key route to achieving success and keeping your content fresh.

Variety is key

Fitness and Sport are two heavily intertwined fields, both presenting an opportunity for athletes to attract an ever-varied audience. Combining the excitement of your chosen sport and the lifestyle benefits of a fitness profile can be the foundation of a very successful venture. For example, if you’re a BMX rider, videos of you competing at events and providing tips and tricks will pique the interest of fans. However, including your training and preparation methods for competitions will also provide a fulfilling behind-the-scenes experience for your followers. BMX rider and drift driver Mark Webb is an example of a sportsperson who combines athletic excellence with relatable behind-the-scenes insights.

Daniel Stevens fitness genres you can find on OnlyFans

Personal trainers can bring a huge amount to the table in terms of variety. Everything from workout schedules to diet plans, one-to-one sessions and lifestyle content is open to them. For many athletes, this kind of knowledge comes with the territory and can be an invaluable tool for creating personal bonds with your fans. The Go Live feature on OnlyFans provides you with the ability to stage a group workout session or nutritional tips in real-time.

Pictured here, Daniel Stevens shares workout and meal tips to educate and motivate his subscribers on OnlyFans. Actor Julian Shaw and influencer YesJulz are examples of creators who showcase a variety of content on OnlyFans, with fitness being an important part of their digital portfolios.

The more creative and experimental you are with your content, the more you will stand out from your competitors.

Push the boundaries

Opportunities for people with a talent for sport and athleticism have always been sought after. As the routes into traditionally lucrative sports become saturated with hopefuls, the digital sphere paves an increasingly viable career path. Establishing an online presence as a sportsperson or athlete has never been more essential to cementing long term success.

Don’t be afraid to take your interests and passions to new heights, whilst exploring all the many facets that OnlyFans has to offer a prospective sporting creator.

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